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20" Track Slider Lapse2
20" Track Slider Lapse2
20" Track Slider Lapse2
20" Track Slider Lapse2

20" Track Slider Lapse2

$159.00 USD

An affordable time lapse slider with drive unit and controller built into the sliding head.  The drive unit uses a rack and pinion gear to propel itself along the anodized aluminum track.  Six precision bearings keep the motion smooth and accurate.

The speed can be set between 10mm and 30mm per minute, and is selected using a push button on the side of the unit.  A built in encoder ensures that the speed remains constant even when the batteries are running down.  

The track can be mounted using the supplied acrylic legs.  Alternatively the legs can be removed and the track can be mounted on a tripod at either end using the supplied nuts.  The track can also be mounted in the centre using the optional Tripod Kit.

The rack and pinion can be disengaged to allow the unit to be pushed along the track by hand. The entire drive unit can be quickly removed from the track to enable easy transportation and setup.

Product Specs
Speed controller settings 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 mm/min
Batteries 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
Track travel distance 355mm
Maximum camera weight 800 grams
Weight of slider and track 515 grams (excluding batteries)
Camera requirement Must have built in timelapse functionality